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    Car Lockouts

    Emergency Car Lockout Hollywood, FL

    Locked out of your car? Call Half Price Locksmith at 754-888-9470 for emergency assistance at just a flat $49 fee between 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. When it comes to car lockouts our locksmiths will be at your immediate rescue with the best tools and equipment that can get you out of the lockout situation. If you have left your key inside the car or in the ignition or you have locked yourself out of your vehicle by mistake, our emergency car lockout experts will arrive within 15-20 minutes based on the road condition. We serve customers within a 7-mile radius of Hollywood, FL.

    Whether you have locked your keys in the car or is stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a car lockout or want to unlock your car door, we understand that you want to get the right solution in place so you can be on your way quickly. We at half price locksmith is here to help you out with a car lockout service near you. Our team of expert technicians will reach you within 20 min and get you out of your emergency situations. We are accredited by Better Business Bureau Your trust is the most vital element we can gain, especially as a locksmith dealing with your security.

    If you need immediate assistance, call us on 754-888-9470

    We don’t make car keys or repair them. We provide car lockouts.

    How Can You Unlock Car Door in a Car Lockout?

    If you ever find yourself in a car lockout situation where you cannot unlock your car door then the first thing to do is NOT PANIC. Because when we panic we tend to do more damage than good. The safest thing to do during a car lockout is to call for help. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you call a professional car locksmith to help you out. Because depending on your car model, the car locksmith will have the appropriate tools to unlock the car. But, if you find yourself getting locked out of your car often, you can also invest in a car lockout kit. Newer cars have a radio mechanism where you can unlock the car door with remote control.

    “I Accidentally locked my keys in the car!”

    This statement is the nightmare of any car owner, and especially of a new parent or a pet parent. Because it probably means that your newborn or infant or your helpless pet is stuck within. And they are as helpless in this situation as you. Car Lockouts are thus especially scary for parents in this situation. But instead of trying to self-repair with a shoestring or a coat hanger (which you may not even have lying around), it is best to call for a car locksmith. Because not all cars the same. Most models don’t even unlock with these viral tricks. And these end up taking much of your precious time and can also cause damage to your car.

    Best Car Lockout Service in Hollywood Florida

    However, we understand the impulse to self-repair. Because generally, locksmiths would bait customers with cheap prices. But completing the service, new hidden charges occur. This can end up costing you hundreds of bucks. But Half Price Locksmith doesn’t believe in these bait tactics. Our motto is to transact transparent business. Therefore, we charge a FLAT RATE of $49 for car lockout situations from 8 am to 6 pm. With our quick and reliable service, your car will get unlocked in no time at all!!


    • $49 lockout special.
    • Free re-key when install.
    • Install 2 new locks and get 3rd lock 50% off.
    • Volume discounts provided if multiple locks.

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      Liel T

      Half Price Locksmith in Hollywood was great! I was locked out of my car and they only charged me $49 to open my car.

      Paloma Silva

      The technician is very friendly! Third time I use this service and it was amazing! Tks

      Artur Rudchanka

      The master came as promised in 20 minutes. The job been done fast and efficient. Paid 49 bucks, as it was advertised. Thanks.

      Krysta Stark

      I spent an hour and 1/2 calling the rental car company, their roadside assistance and everyone else in between. Just a simple keys locked in the car!!!! These guys actually answered their phone for starters… They were so helpful, knowledgeable and it literally seemed like they jumped in their vehicle and arrived within moments. Their price was by far better than everyone else I was able to get a hold of. If I didn’t live in Los Angeles, they would be my locksmiths forever!!! Thank you

      Shmuel T

      I was locked out of my car and Half Price Locksmith in Hollywood only charged me $49. I was concerned I would have to pay a lot to open my car because of the holidays but l was pleasantly surprised. I’m definitely keeping their number and using them again.

      P Wake

      I needed a locksmith to open a very old safe. They were very responsive on the phone and via text. The guy showed up and didn’t give up until he got it open. He even helped vacuum up the dirt that it made on the floor. It took longer than expected and I was still only charged the fee they quoted. Highly recommend!

      Sharon Tomosiss

      I was looking for a Cheap locksmith in Hollywood when I got locked out of my car last week. Some companies didn’t answer the phone, but when I reached Half Price Locksmith I was glad. I got a final price over the phone ($49) and it was much cheaper than expected.


      He came and installed a lock for us, and just like the reviews say, he’s great! I have also shopped in the store, and it is nice to talk to sales people that are knowledgeable about the products they sell. Very friendly and trustworthy!

      Why Choose Us?

      • - Free estimates and helpful advice
      • - No call-out charge (8am-6pm)
      • - $49 FLAT rate lockout special
      • - 100% local locksmith in Hollywood, FL and surrounding areas
      • - Licensed & insured
      • - 20 years of experience
      • - No hidden costs
      • - Competitive prices
      • - No bait & switch gimmicks
      • - Non-destructive Entry Specialist
      • - Send our employees, not sub-contractors
      • - All our work is fully guaranteed
      • - Flexible and mobile service
      • - Friendly and personal approach
      • - Excellent customer care
      • - Great reviews (4.6 rating)

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