Experts in Residential, Commercial & Car Lockouts Services. We Re-key, Change & Install New Locks. We Do Not Make Car Keys.

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  • Have you ever been locked out of your home/office/car?
  • Have you been locked out of your home/office/car in past year?
  • Do you keep your doors locked during the day when you’re home?
  • Do you lock all your doors at night?
  • Do you lock all your doors when you leave for a short time?
  • Do you lock all your doors when you leave for a long time?
  • Do you lock your garage door?
  • Have the locks been changed since moving into your home/office?
  • Did you ever lose your house/car/office keys?
  • If you lose your keys, should you change your locks?
  • Do you leave your house keys in your car?
  • Do you have a different key for each door in your home?
  • Do previous employees, housekeeper, babysitter, repairman have your keys?
  • Do your exterior doors with glass pane have a double deadbolt?

Why Choose Us?

  • - Free estimates and helpful advice
  • - No call-out charge (8am-6pm)
  • - $49 FLAT rate lockout special
  • - 100% local locksmith in Hollywood, FL and surrounding areas
  • - Licensed & insured
  • - 20 years of experience
  • - No hidden costs
  • - Competitive prices
  • - No bait & switch gimmicks
  • - Non-destructive Entry Specialist
  • - Send our employees, not sub-contractors
  • - All our work is fully guaranteed
  • - Flexible and mobile service
  • - Friendly and personal approach
  • - Excellent customer care
  • - Great reviews (4.6 rating)

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