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The Importance of Mobile Locksmith Services

Posted on: February 18th, 2016 by admin No Comments


If locked out of a car or home, mobile locksmiths are the right option for a quick emergency service. These locksmiths are also available for providing emergency services to residential and business establishments, and in the process saving both your time and money, not to mention the anxiety associated with it.

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The Many Benefits of Emergency Locksmith Services

Posted on: January 28th, 2016 by admin No Comments


If you happen to be locked out of a car or home, you certainly need to access mobile locksmiths to get the job done in the shortest possible time. The availability of these emergency locksmith services in Hollywood FL save both time and money. Right from helping business or home owners get into a locked building to re-keying ignition locks, a mobile locksmith remains the best solution.

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Hollywood Locksmith FL: The best ways to get them

Posted on: August 27th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Are you in a dilemma to pick the best locksmith to undergo your lock issues or want to install all new lock systems? Then you are on the right stop. Here, we are about to offer you few tips on finding a good lock expert who can assure you cent percent perfect installation services at affordable rates. But finding the right service provider is tough if you lack knowledge to hire them. Here we go with the vital 5 points that you must remember while finalizing the deal with the lock expert.

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Best Electronic Door Locks for Home and Commercial purpose

Posted on: August 13th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Don’t you think that when you are investing so much in your home décor or office, you must also be cautious about the security systems? This will increase your confidence about the security systems of your place. Isn’t that great?It was a time when people used to depend on iron locks and keys to protect their home and business area. But now you will get electronic and computer based latches that guarantee 100% anti-theft assurance.

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Four things to remember before hiring a Hollywood locksmith FL

Posted on: August 13th, 2015 by admin No Comments

When you are planning to hire a locksmith there are some points that you must remember for your own benefit. In this blog, we are about to share 4 important clues that will help you as a good suggestion (not advice) as you initiate to hire the professional from the locale.

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Why should you hire a locksmith in Hollywood FL?

Posted on: August 13th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Locksmiths are a big help when we all of a sudden come across with accidental lockouts. If you face the same ever and think yourself to be not that pro to unlock your apartment door or car’s, you should call a locksmith, known from a trusted source.

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Call Hollywood Locksmith for Close Surveillance on Employees

Posted on: August 6th, 2015 by admin No Comments

If you are in mental trauma; no one is diffident to confer with a medical counsellor for instant relief. So if you are not contented with the security system of your new home; then why should not you go for a consultation with security counselor, namely the local locksmith?

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Why a Licensed Hollywood Locksmith is necessary?

Posted on: August 6th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Locksmith service is an important one, but it takes cost. That is why people most of the times try to avoid licensed ones. However, you can always bank upon a licensed locksmith. They are safe and have knowledge about the work they do.

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Local Locksmith Services-The Magnificent Assistance

Posted on: July 29th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Locksmiths are assumed to be certified when the question of making and replacing lock arises. The trade of locksmith services is a well known concept for quite a long time. It is because the demand of certified locksmiths increases in every workplace, business, residence and other operational areas that require locks.

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Locksmith Service- Pocket Friendly Assistance in Hollywood

Posted on: July 29th, 2015 by admin No Comments

When burglary, theft or other kind of mishap happens we generally call the law enforcement authority for effective investigation and essential aid. No one even thinks of a locksmith. Everybody believes locksmith is a person who deals with locks and keys. But now a day it is quite possible that a locksmith is capable of opening door within an eye blink for immediate relief from a disaster.

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About Half Price Locksmith

About Us

Half Price Locksmith is a quick lock out service providing 24/7 service all over Hollywood since 1996. Our business owner Sharon T established the company considering the ever-growing need and demand of a reliable locksmith service in the city. Here we understand how security of your family matters to you. Half Price Locksmith assures your home will be highly protected with our top-notch services. We endow our customer with a comprehensive locksmith service. For every requirement, we have a solution to offer. Lock picking, automobile and residential locksmith, unlocking and other security services, you get every possible locksmith job done smoothly and quickly with the help of our specialized professionals. You can avail our fast and finest service in a single phone call. We promise you a fair and fixed price from us. Half Price Locksmith don’t charge you extra for our late night services. Our experts look for customer satisfaction and thus we take pride on our commitment and quality. Why we stand apart from others?
  • We have a team of experienced and proficient locksmiths prepared to assist you
  • We use latest technology in your service
  • Our workers are screened for criminal background, drugs and driving record
  • Our employees are easily recognizable with uniform and badges
  • Our state-of-the-art training facility
  • High Security Locks
  • Padlocks
  • High Security Cylinders
  • Safes
  • Jimmy Proof Locks
  • Garage Door Cylinders
  • Deadbolts (single & double)
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Door Knob Lock
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Door Closers
  • Combination Locks
  • Commercial Locks
  • Keyless Door Lock
  • Fire Exit Locks
  • Auto Locks
  • Panic Bar

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